Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello, Everybody

I would say that Heath, Lady Worker, and I completed at least four more squares of leaf/weed/vine/things that look like trees, but are actually more weeds--yard clear out. I would think at this pace, the yard could very well be ready for planting and structures by Fall's arrival, just in time for all the stinkin' leaves to fall off the trees and create more clean-up. At least it will only be a season's worth of work at that point, unlike the years of overgrowth we're digging through now.

But it was good to be out there this morning. The start of the day was rocky. Heath wanted to build a batcave in the driveway with some old boxes. Not a big deal, but our heads butted over the fact that I needed five minutes to start the laundry, so batcave building could be done on the deck or in the backyard where I can see him, not in the driveway. His heels were pretty dug into the idea that it needed to be done beside the Batman Jeep, where there would be zero supervision. My compromises fell on stubborn ears. The end result left me with a gaping flesh-wound, about the size of a little boy's fingernail, on my arm when I tried to physically redirect him somewhere else in the yard.

Fortunately, we did move on from that incident. We had our first Music Together class this afternoon. And most fortunately, everyone had some decent naps before we went, so the mood was refreshed.

I wasn't sure what to expect with both of the kids in the class together. And Stella really didn't know what to do with herself and the others that were sitting on the circle rug, ready to sing and dance and clap and tap. Eventually she settled into what is expected in that circumstance, which is mainly don't hang on the locked door requesting to get out, don't pull people's hair, don't run, and don't NOT have a good time.

Surprises of all surprises, Heath thoroughly enjoyed himself. He sang, he danced, he played instruments, helped clean up the instruments. His little smile said it all. He was purely enjoying himself. And he also got to see a preschool pal in the class, too. When we were leaving he said, I'm going to dream about him in music class tonight.

So glad I took the leap and signed us up. Hopefully Stella will get the hang of keeping her hands to herself, and Heath can take a break from his construction/landscaping business, and sing a little ditty or two.

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